Combine discounts with bundles discount code

Shopify merchant: Hi! I have created some bundles with your app that include a discount, but I also have some other products that have a discount code. Does your app support multiple discounts in a single order?

The question above is one of our most frequently asked questions and the answer to it is YES now. 

Shopify recently released a new feature that allows customers to combine discounts. With this feature and the changes we have made, currently, the bundles discount that is created by the Fast Bundle can be combined with other discounts you offer to your customers. When a customer adds some bundles to the cart, a discount code that seems like "BUNDLE-XXXXX" will be created and applied at checkout. It will apply the discount that is specified for all bundles the customer has added to the cart. Now customers can also add other discount codes you have offered at checkout. For example, if you send an email containing a "Free-Shipping" discount code they can also use it besides the 10% discount you specified for the bundle they added to the cart. The image below shows such a situation:

How to enable the discount combination?

In order to enable the bundle discount to be combined with other discounts, you can go to the Settings tab of your Fast Bundle admin panel. Then click on the Discount settings option and on the second item, choose the "Bundles' discount code can be combined with other discounts" option and save it. See the below image.

Important note: Bundles discount can be combined with product discounts and free shipping discounts

Please be aware that only product discounts and free shipping discounts can be combined with bundles discount. Order discount and buy x get y discounts can't be combined with bundles discounts. 

In order to make a product discount or free shipping discount be combined with a bundle discount, you need to allow such discounts to be combined with other product discounts. Check the option when you create the discount as shown in the below image:

Only one discount will apply on specific product

On the other hand, be aware that Shopify does not allow multiple discounts to be applied to a single "product".  So imagine that you have a bundle ABC (product A + product B + product C with a 15% discount) and another 10% discount for all of your products in your shop, including A, B, and C. If a customer adds A, B, and C, they will get the 15% discount, not the 10%, and neither 10% * 15%. If they add product D, they will get 15% off A, B, and C and 10% off on D.