Is a customer able to add an additional discount code to the bundle offer at the checkout point?

When customers add a bundle to their cart, at the checkout, they will see the discount in one of the forms below. (Based on teh method used for applying the discount)

If you set a Shopify discount, your customers can enter the code at the checkout or it'll be automatically applied.

If it's a "Product discount" (including the Amount-off products and Buy X get Y ) or a "Shipping discount" that is set to be combined with other product discounts (Like Fast Bundle discounts),

you should consider that Shopify follows a policy of assigning only one discount code to each product. If a product qualifies for more than one discount code, the system will apply the greater discount while ignoring the others. This process of prioritizing between multiple discount codes and selecting only one to be applied to each product is referred to as the "Discount combination".

In order to know more about discount combinations, please refer to this article below.

The "Order discount combination "explained below is in progress but not ready yet.

Order discounts

If you make a Shopify order discount and set it to be combinable with "Product discounts", they can use this order discount in addition to the bundle discount.

Shopify limitations on the number of discounts

  • You can have a maximum of 25 automatic discounts active on your store at one time. (This limitation has nothing to do with Fast Bundle and Fast Bundle discount codes are not counted in this limitation.)
  • Customers can combine a maximum of 5 combinable discount codes per order.

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