Bundle your new products

How can I promote my new products?

There are a lot of ways to promote a new product like assigning one of your homepage banners to it or sending a newsletter, etc. but we have a more specific suggestion for you:

"Create meaningful bundle offers for them; offers that make sense"

What kind of offers "make sense"?

It totally depends on the product. Read the following examples as some success stories:

Related products always make sense

In a stable and growing business, almost every product has some related products. One of the most familiar products is Cell-phones' glasses.

If you're a merchant that has added a collection of new glass protectors for different cell phones, it would be a wise strategy to create for example a Mix and Match offer for each cell phone and the new glasses related to that cell phone.

Bundle the new products with your hot selling products

One of the general strategies of bundling that always works is to bundle the less popular products with the most popular ones. New products are kind of unknown and less popular products. In cases that you have added a lot of new products to your shop and you are not able to promote all of them on your homepage, you can create bundle offers that include your new products with your popular products. Example:

You have just created product A which is not familiar to your customers, and you have product B which gains a lot of traffic directly. This can lead to more impressions for your new product. When customers land on the product page of B, they will also see the bundle offer that includes your new product A.

Create Volume Discount offers with significant discounts if possible

This doesn't work in all cases but it works great in cases like FMCG products. Imagine that you have a new toothpaste in your shop. Since it is a product that deals with people's lifestyles, it may need some additional incentives to entice people to give it a shot. As we all know, one of the best incentives is an eye-catching discount ;) 

Conclusion: you are the best person to decide!

Last but not least, you know your business way much better than us. This article is written just to point out some general ideas. To sum up, we just wanted to encourage you to spend some time and create bundle offers.

Enjoy the app and feel free to ask for any support that you need. ;)