How to create the "Product Mix and Match"?

To create a "Product mix and match" offer please follow these steps:

1) Tap on the "Create new offer" button on the home page.

2) Then, choose "Product mix and match" from the options.

3) Search and select the products from the "Offered products" section.

4) In the "Minimum required product" section you can determine the number of products that your customer should select to get the discount on the chosen offer.

5) Also, in the "Allow multiple items" section you can turn on the "enable selecting multiple items" to allow your customers to select more than one product of the selected products and get the discount.

6) Choose a "Title" for your offer.

7) Tap on the "Save" button and now you have your product mix and match offer.

8) The following picture shows how your bundle will be displayed.

!!! To have a better preview of how the "Product Mix and Match" will be displayed on your shop, you can check the following link:

 Furthermore, here is the link to the Fast Bundle demo tour to understand how to create your bundle easier:)