What is a volume discount bundle and how to create it?

Volume discount bundle is a type of bundle offered by Fast Bundle.

In this bundle type, you set some "options" so customers get a specified discount in the option if buy a specified number of products in the option. All of the options you make can gather in a "Volume discount" Bundle.

For creating a "Volume discount" bundle, follow these steps:

1) Tap on the "Create new bundles" button on the home page.

2) Choose "Volume discount" from the options.

3) Add your product from the "Discounted products" section and determine whether you want to assign this discount to all of your products or a specific collection from your Shopify collections or just to a specific product.
Please note that if you assign a volume discount to "all products" to "a collection", they won't be displayed on the bundle page.

4) In the "Discount option" section, you can choose the number of required products and the discount type to be applied to your bundle. Also, if you turn on the checkbox in this section, the discount will be applied to more items than the required number.

5) Tap on the "Add another option" button to open a new section and add another option to your bundle.

6) Choose a "Name" for showing in the Fast Bundle panel and a  "Title" for your bundle for showing to customers.

7) Tap the "Save" button and create your bundle.

8) The bundle will be displayed the same as the following images.

!!! To have a better preview of how the "Volume Discount" will be displayed on your shop, you can check the following link:

!!! Furthermore, here is the link to the Fast Bundle demo tour to understand how to create your bundle easier:)