What is the termination process in Fast Bundle?

In the beginning, we should mention that the default termination process is all automatic and you will be informed about the termination status by the email that you have registered in Shopify.

The termination process includes these three steps:

First notification: When you reached 80% of your bundle show limitation based on your current plan, you will receive a notification message via email.

Second notification: As soon as you pass the bundle show limitation, you will get the second notification that invites you to upgrade your plan in the next two days.

Final notification (termination): If you decide not to upgrade your plan, the service will be terminated until your next cycle of subscription. Termination of the service means that your bundles won’t be displayed to your customers anymore but there is no worry about losing the offers you have created because they won’t be deleted.

Note that when the cycle is over, the service will be active again and you can use the app.