How can I test Fast Bundle on an unpublished theme?

You can test the Fast Bundle app on an unpublished theme by following the below steps:

1- Go to the “edit code” page of the theme you want to add Fast Bundle into. To achieve this on the Theme tab click on the Action button for the target theme and then click on the “Edit code” option.

2- Open the theme.liquid file. Find “</head>” in this file. Add the following code just before the “</head>“ (As you can see in the below image). Then save the file.

{% render 'fast_bundle_service' %}

3- From the sidebar menu that displays theme files, find the "Snippets" directory and click on Add a new snippet just below it. Enter the “fast_bundle_service” as its name. 

4- In another browser tab, flow steps 1 and 3 to go to the edit code view of your current published theme and copy the content of the fast_bundle_service.liquid file in the Snippets directory of your published theme. Then paste it into the file that you created in step 3. The fast_bundle_service.liquid file that you created in your unpublished theme should be like the below image:

If you are not comfortable with making the changes yourself, you can request it via the help widget in the right bottom corner (chatbot) of your Fast Bundle admin panel or send an email directly to In order to set the Fast Bundle app to work on an unpublished theme, we need collaboration access to your shop. We will send the collaboration access request when you contact us. After you approve the access request we will handle it for you. 

Very important notice:

Before publishing your theme please change the code you added in the first step in your them.liquid file to the below code.

{% if content_for_header contains '' %}

    {% render 'fast_bundle_service' %}
{% endif %}

If you don't make the above change, the Fast Bundle app won’t uninstall from your shop completely and your offers will continue displaying on your shop even if you delete the app.