What do you mean by "Bundle show"?

Some clients ask: what do you mean by "Bundle show"?

Bundle show means the same as bundle impression.

As you know, we show the bundles via a widget on your shop. Whenever a page is loaded that includes a bundle, we will count one bundle show or impression. Other probable scenarios:

Example 1 

You have created two bundle offers for one product:

bundle 1: A + B with 15% discount

bundle 2: A + C with 10% discount

When customers open the product page of A, they will see both of the offers. In this case, we will count two bundle shows.

Example 2

You have created 10 bundle offers and they are all allowed to be displayed on the Bundles page. Whenever the Bundles page is loaded and all the 10 bundles are loaded, we will count 10 bundle shows.

What will happen if I exceed my bundle show limit?

Every plan has a bundle show limit. When you reach 80% of the bundle show limit of your plan, we will send you a notification that you are reaching the limit. After that, when you reach the limit, you will get a second notification email informing you that you have reached the limit and if you don't upgrade your plan, your bundles stop being displayed after two days.

Don't worry! The service gets active at the end of your cycle

If you miss upgrading your subscription and the bundles stop being displayed, your plan will restart at the end of your cycle. Don't panic! No data will be missed. Neither the bundles you have created nor the analytics data.