How can I create a Bundle as a Product?

What is the "Bundle As a Product (BAP)" feature?

Bundle As a Product (or simply BAP) is one of the most popular features in Fast Bundle which gives you the ability to create a product from your bundle. By doing this you will be able to set a specific image and also a well-tailored description on a separate Product Detail Page for the bundle product. This feature is also known as Bundle Product, Combo Product, Offer as a Product, etc.

At the moment, this feature is only available on the "[simple] Bundle " and "Product Mix And Match" bundle types. When you activate this feature for a bundle, we will automatically create a "virtual (dummy) product" on your Shopify products for this bundle. We call it a virtual product because it doesn't really exist, but you can fulfill all the fields of a regular product for it. You don't need to fulfill all the fields. We only suggest you put in some meaningful images, write a description for the product, and assign it to a collection if you want.

How can I create a Bundle as a Product?

If you are more comfortable with video tutorials, please check this Youtube video on how to create BAPs. You can also follow these steps:

1. Press the "Create new bundles" button.

2. Choose " (simple) Bundle" or "Product mix and match".

3. Set up your bundle as you normally would; put in the products, set the discount, etc.

4. Activate the Bundle As a Product check box.

5. Put in the title for the product of the bundle, write a description for it, and choose the images.

Once you click save, your BAP will be created!

One important setting you have to decide on for each of your BAPs, is whether they get added to the cart as single items, or in multiple lines.

You have to choose between these 2 options (You can specify this setting while creating or editing the bundle):

  1. Add included products to the cart (Single BAP)
  2. Add the "bundle as product" to the cart as a single product (Multi BAP)

At the end, click "Save" and now you are done.

You may now wonder what the difference between these two options is.

Let's have a look at a bundle as a product page.

You can see how the cart looks when you add the bundle as a product to the cart in each setting.

  • Add included products to the cart

  • Add the "bundle as a product" to the cart as a single product

How does the inventory of the BAP work?

Naturally, one important question you may have, is how the inventory of the BAP is handled and how it relates to the inventory of your individual products. The answer to this question depends on whether your BAP is a "Single BAP" or a "Multi BAP".

Inventory of the Single BAP:

With such a Bundle As a Product (BAP), when you click on the Add To Cart (ATC) button, the product of the bundle itself will be added to the cart. Therefore the inventory of the BAP will be correctly updated. The inventory of the individual products inside the bundle will also be correctly updated. If you increase or decrease the inventory of the products inside the bundle, those changes will also be reflected in the inventory calculated for the Single Bundle as Product.

In short, the inventory of both the BAP product and its included products will be updated correctly and these two will always be in sync with each other. For more information on this matter, please refer to this FAQ about How inventory can work with the Bundle As a Product (BAP) that is added to the cart as a single product?

Inventory of the Multi BAP:

You will notice that when you create a Multi BAP, on your Shopify admin in the Products section, the inventory of this bundle product will not be tracked:

The reason for this is that this product is a dummy product and will not actually ever be added to the cart and bought. Instead, if added correctly, the individual products in the bundle will be added to the cart and placed on the order. Since the actual products are getting added to the cart, the inventory of the individual items will be correctly updated. The product itself does not have its inventory tracked so no updates will be applied to it.

But what does it mean for the Multi BAP to be correctly added to the cart? Is there a wrong way to add the Multi BAP?

The answer is yes! The Multi BAP gets correctly added to the cart only if it is added through the "add to cart" button on the PDP of the bundle product. When it is added by clicking on the button provided by the app, as is shown below, the included products of the bundle will be added to the cart instead of the dummy product and the bundle will be added correctly.

But if it is added through any other way (other add to cart buttons that might appear on collection pages suggested products on the cart page or cart drawer, featured products on the homepage, draft orders with the dummy product, etc.) the dummy product will be added and the bundle will be added incorrectly. This is what we call an Invalid BAP. When this dummy product is added, the inventory will not pull correctly from the individual products, and the variants of the individual products will also not appear on the order. In order to know more about this and how to fix it, please read this FAQ document:

Fixing the Bundle as a Product (BAP) that is getting added to the cart as a single product incorrectly

If you have any questions about the Bundle as a Product and how to create it, please contact us at and we will help you.

IMPORTANT: Please note that when you uninstall the app, the "bundle as products" you made with the app still remain in your Shopify panel and you should delete them manually cause there is a risk that the bundle as products will be sold without real stock.