How can I create a Bundle as a Product?

What is the "Bundle as a Product" feature?

Bundle as a Product is one of the most popular features in Fast Bundle which gives you the ability to set a specific image and also a well-tailored description for a product. This feature is also known as Combo Product, Kits, Looks, Offer as a Product, etc.

At the moment, this feature is only available on Standard Bundles. When you create this type of bundle, we will automatically create a "virtual product" on Shopify for you. We call it a virtual product because it doesn't exist physically, but you can fulfill all the fields of a regular product for it. You don't need to fulfill all the fields. We only suggest you specify the images, write a description for the product, and assign it to a collection if possible.

How can I create a Bundle as a Product?

If you are more comfortable with videos, please check this Youtube video. But if you want, you can follow these steps:

1. Press the Create Bundle button

2. Choose Bundle

3. Specify all the properties of the bundle like a regular bundle

4. Activate the Bundle (Offer) as a Product check box

5. Choose the images and write the description of it