How to create the "Product Mix and Match" Bundle?

To create a "Product mix and match" bundle please follow these steps:

1) Tap on the "Create new bundles" button on the home page.

2) Then, choose "Product mix and match" from the options.

3) Search and select the products from the "Bundled products" section.

In "Discount options" you can set up to 3 discount options using "Percentage discount", "Fixed discount" and "Free shipping" discount types.

You can also set "Range" for each option, meaning that buying a number of items in that range will result in getting the specified discount of that option.

You can also let your customers get this option's discount if they buy more than the specified number of items by selecting "Allow users to buy extra items with this discount option".

You can activate this feature for the discount option with the highest number of items.

In the case of activating this feature, you won't be able to set a range for that discount option.

You can set up to 3 discount options.

If you need to force some products of the bundle to be selected, activate the "Required products" option and then check the products that should be considered as required in this bundle.

If you need to allow some products to be selected multiple times in the bundle, activate the "Multi-selection options" option and then check the products that multiple items of them can be selected in this bundle.

In "Initially selected products" you can choose whether you want all of the bundle items to be selected at first or just required products should be selected first or every product to be selected at first on its own product page.

By choosing "Bundle As a Product", you are able to make a product from your bundle.

In the case of activating Bundle As a Product, fill in the relative fields and pay attention to notifications regarding the "Add To Cart button" and "Inventory Settings".

6) Set the name, title, and description for your bundle.

7) Tap on the "Save" button and now you have your product mix-and-match bundle.

8) The following picture shows how your bundle will be displayed.

!!! Furthermore, here is the link to the Fast Bundle demo tour to understand how to create your bundle easier:)